Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A little re-do

Awhile back, we plucked a footed silver bowl with a gorgeous blue-green interior from our favorite antiques gallery. It served us well and was right at home in our last house, which was a bit more formal than our current house. It's been living on our salvaged steel coffee table atop an oversized white tray (you can see just a bit of it here) since we moved in. As of late, I swear this bowl seems to tarnish overnight, and I want clean, shiny silver...who has time to polish silver? It also started to feel too delicate and, well, formal. I don't know why it only just occurred to me to re-style the tray - but I suddenly wanted to do something more relaxed and a little bit farmhouse. Rocks instantly popped into my mind...smooth, grey, tonal rocks. So, we as a family stepped out into our yard yesterday afternoon (it was such a beautiful day!) and hand-picked some rocks out of our landscaping. The husband even sweetly washed them off for me outside and set them to dry on the front patio. Then he brought them in and I happily loaded them into a little corrugated galvi tub. I am so pleased with the clean, simple, casual look which feels both beachy and farmhouse. What could be better?

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