Saturday, May 17, 2014

Well, hello.

It seems like our peonies jumped out overnight. Don't they look happy?

It's crazy to think how long we've had them now (since we took them from our last house's garden...and had originally planted them about seven years ago). It reminds me of the house plant Husband and I bought at Lowe's back when we were in college... and we STILL have it in our living room. If that plant were a person, IT would be headed off to college at this point.

Yesterday little guy and I ventured out with some clippers to pluck a few blooms for inside, when a giant spider crawled out from between some petals and stared at us. So, I decided it wasn't terribly urgent. Maybe Husband will do the honors (including the insect-check) before we bring them in. They sure smell good, though.
And yes, the hoses do frequently still get left strewn across the walkway by Husband. Good thing they are so pretty.