Monday, October 21, 2013

Farmhouse Modern

Our project  is officially 100% complete! We'll be back soon with a post to share photos of all the fantastic spaces and details, but for now we couldn't resist introducing you :) 

And how could I not include a before and after?

This Modern Farmhouse simply has the most fantastic feel to it - I can't even describe it. It's just happy!

More to come :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A beautiful thing

We were SO thrilled when siding was finally complete... and equally thrilled when our very busy painters finally got in there like a small army to get this house painted! Because paint means we are that much closer to trim stage, when it all starts to come together and I can finally unwrap those fantastic light fixtures/faucets/hardware for good! And of course when those shiny new appliances go in... it really, really starts to feel like a home.

Here are a few more progress pics, starting with the custom fabricated steel railing. LOVE THIS.

And a view of the upstairs landing. Seriously like a like big present soon to be unwrapped when all that masking comes down revealing fresh paint and finished walls, millwork and ceilings.

Here are a couple shots of the kitchen/dining room/living room  in progress:

And below, a shot from the back where the deck stairs are going in. We worked with a new finish carpenter on this job, but he really can do anything, and he does it all well (for example, in addition to finish work, complicated hardware installation and drywall repair, he built the stairs/deck, and he also frames). One day he worked on the front porch for four straight hours during an insane torrential downpour (I think it helped that he was leaving for a trip to Mexico the next day). He was SOAKED but kept on working till he finished it. He is a keeper for sure. We decided at that point we may need to hand out awards to our subs who go above and beyond. Aaron definitely gets MVP on this one. 

Right now our project is officially done (well, 99% ... there are always those last details) but photography just came in and we can't wait to share the end product. Our Modern Farmhouse has turned out even better than we imagined and we are so excited.

Thanks for your patience with the intermittent posting as we worked around the clock to get this project complete (oh, how much longer things take with a two-year old in the midst!). We promise the end result will not disappoint.

P.S. please ignore the hideous goldenrod color of the exterior primer in that first shot! (Remember when it used to look like this?)