Sunday, March 25, 2012

Freehand pillows

Love these sweet pillows - it's like they were plucked from a child's drawing. The soft, neutral colors (often so hard to find for kids' rooms) natural fabrics, and organic shapes would add whimsy and purity to any Modern Cottage kid's room. Which reminds me... I still want to share some of the great baby and kids finds I came across while planning our little guy's nursery decor. Must add to list :)

These pillows are made by Colette Bream on Etsy. Brilliance!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Garage pretties

Though it is certainly not at the top of the priority list, I love to daydream about prettying up our garage. It's on our list to get it cleaned out and organized... We even have some garage cabinets and drawers units still in their boxes ready to be assembled and installed - although at the moment they too are simply taking up space in there (ah, the irony). I'd love to take it a step further though by adding some soft color and fun storage accessories and hardware. Are you with me on this? These inspiration photos keep me thinking about it...


(Images from House and  Home, Country Living, and Martha Stewart)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Brook Farm General Store

This is the most darling website... everything is so simple and fresh. Lots of good stuff for a Modern Cottage. I am currently coveting these cool linen trays.

I've also been after some simple twine for gift packaging and what have you. This will do the trick, plus it's nice to look at just as it is.

And this organically shaped basket would be perfect on a bedside table to catch smaller miscellaneous items (lip balm, hair elastics, baby nail files ... oh, wait .. not everyone has those on their nightstands? :)