Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dear Santa...

Can't resist sharing a few items on my list this year, starting with these chairs for the little guy. If you're gonna have a little kid's table and chair set in your great room, it deserves to be stylish, does it not? I super love these. They totally stack together, too. Hoping one of these days I'll come upon a vintage pair for a song since they aren't currently sold in the US.

Also this stonewashed linen shower curtain. Beautiful, simple, modern. Huge bonus: comes in Extra Long! The Fog color is perfect.

Modern 3-tier stand. I love the idea of mixing this playful piece with more classic and rustic serving pieces. Alas it's out of stock till next year. That makes it tough on Santa.

House numbers. Oh, yes, the search is still going...I have a very specific vision and really don't want to settle. These ones are great (and a steal!) but this company doesn't ship to the US. Hmmm it seems my list is not easy!

Oh, Brook Farm General Store. It's always something with these stripey baskets. How do you know??

Can't wait to show you what Santa's going to bring the little guy this year (I mean, I have an idea that is....we'll see if he delivers :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Stocking stuffers

 Office supplies excite me. I suppose because I am generally an organized person. When I was little I loved those days I went to work with my mom and got to rifle through the supplies drawer... paper clips, color-coded stickers, notepads and the like. Fun! Ok, so maybe I was bored a lot and had to entertain myself the best I could. So much has changed since then in the world of office supplies. A few companies have figured out that they don't have to be boring - and in fact, can by thrillingly stylish and modern. I recently ordered some seriously great loot from They've had a couple amazing holiday promotions, plus their items are reasonably priced to begin with. Even their packaging is adorable (including the cardboard insert below). Of course, I shopped strictly from the white section of their site. All-white scissors?? I am in love. I told husband, "Hands off!" I better not catch him opening up a shipping box with these beauties ($11).

Truly any of these items would make fantastic stocking stuffers... and aren't stocking stuffers at least 50% of the joy of Christmas morning? I love thoughtful gifts in small packages. Here we go:

These coasters - white melamine, hence they function quite well as intended, or as indestructible stacking toys for the little guy. Yes, the glass monogram ones we have had for years got the ax (that is they are being stored until he gets past his must touch/drop/shot-put everything I can possibly find around the house phase). Four for $10. Hooray! 

And I really like these to-do pads. 10 tasks per day keeps things manageable. You know, as long as a couple are really, really easy. $6 for 300 sheets.

I once scoured the internet for all-white pens. Nothing. Well, here they are, when I wasn't even looking! (Of course). So pretty. These babies were actually free with my order thanks to a promotion (normally $12/dozen).

I got a giant box of these fresh, modern file folders for $9. Now all those papers bundled by binder clips can be neatly concealed in these.

Oh, little white staple remover. Could you be any cuter? $2.

And I love a clear ruler ... it's much classier than the purple and gold Huskies ruler that I got as a freshman in college. I can probably safely retire that one (or pass it down to our little Husky). $7.

So to all you fellow neat-freaks and office supply lovers ... you will totally get your fix at Poppin. Creating a happy workspace is a big deal! Because a pretty, organized work space makes you feel like you can accomplish anything :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday project #3: Leaping Reindeer

Ok, so this one was relatively easy... simply hunt down three happy little Rosbro reindeer in good condition, purchase, receive, and display. Aren't they the sweetest? I really love the mod shape.