Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Leaps and bounds

Apologies once again for the lapse. We have been maxed out as you might expect - an expanded workload and summertime activities yield very few free moments as we're sure you all have experienced! But, here we are with some really fun photos to share :) The house is turning out amazingly well and we are growing quite fond of it. The floor plan is a hit with those who have worked on and/or toured the project so far, and the flow and views outstanding. Plus we have a TON of windows. The husband does not like to skimp on windows. The way I am passionate about silly things like a highly functional laundry hamper, Husband is passionate about windows. And I can't blame him. He did his research and these are truly great. (We even added two more windows to capture additional view once we got the second story framed out!).
Above is a view from the back. Like I've said before, this little house isn't so little anymore! 
Window installation day *sigh* ... it makes me so happy! Especially when the windows are so dreamy. We added some metal roofing accents - above the front porch, over a bay window, and at the base of the (enlarged - major improvement in the world of proper proportions) chimney.
The "galv-alum" finish is way cool and perfect for this modern farmhouse. I know for a fact Husband's heart pitter-pattered over this stuff.
Windows and doors in at the back of the house. Love the single light French doors (we have four total of those - Husband likes lots of doors, too. Makes for incredible site lines and we're keeping all our  headers at 7-feet which makes everything feel larger, more open, and brighter. We'll be back soon with siding pics!