Friday, May 29, 2015

Well, hello there...

Sourcing faucets for a project and happened across this guy and had a lightbulb moment. I was actually searching deck mounted tub fillers for freestanding tubs, so this is not a match, but it is a match for our own tub - I would love to swap out our existing fixtures in the short term (full bath reno in the long term) and the idea of using one of the existing three hole drillings for a hand shower is brilliant -- I much prefer a single-lever control anyway. Now the trick is to find something that will coordinate well with the lav faucets I've got my eye on. I found a couple along these lines:

but I just don't like the scale of the hand shower relative to the faucet. Feels a bit clumsy and disproportionate compared to the one above. Hmpf. To be continued...

Monday, May 18, 2015

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hawaii time

It's been a busy year so far, as is clearly evidenced by our loooooong lapse in posting. I hope you can forgive us. We are pleased to report however that we managed to fit in a real vacation (first "real" one in five years!). We went to Maui and it was absolute bliss. We hope to be better at more regular posting and thanks for hanging in there! For now, here is a quick look at our trip.
There was some ukulele playing...

and boogie board prepping...
Lots of yummy lunch and dinner outings!
 Glass-bottom boat adventures (#1 reason our son wants to go back).
And toes in the ocean time (little man was a bit unnerved by a few huge crashing waves!).

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Good Gifting

 I am in love with these menswear-wool pillows with contrast piping. I would get the Euro size.

 This rhino from Indy Plush has stolen my heart.

New enamelware in grey and white instead of traditional black and white. Couldn't be more perfect.

I'd wrap it all up in this awesome paper I found on Etsy.

Have a festive weekend!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Faux bois

How pretty these papers would look under the tree - so natural!

These tins are pretty great, too.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Ornament love

Loving all of these - perfect for the Modern Cottage tree! This fabric snowflake design is the perfect simple/organic/rustic combo. I also love this set in the shop, which would be great if we get a mini tree for the little guy's room.....This tree at Terrain is exactly what I am picturing - I'm sure we can find something locally and we have more vintage buckets than we know what to do with :) Plus, it would be fun to plant it together after the holiday is over.

I also think these handmade walnut ornaments are so pretty. I love the wood and the subtle metallic paint. Very understated modern.

And H&M never disappoints with great style and even better prices, like this set for $4.95.
Fabric, wood, and metal ornaments would provide a pleasing assortment of textures on the Christmas tree, don't you think?

Monday, November 3, 2014

Early holiday picks

I can't seem to get thoughts of this year's Christmas decorating out of my head (since September!) but it is nice to get a jump start when those certain swoon-worthy holiday items are still in stock -- and also in order to have an overall plan so you are fully aware of what you have a place for, what fits in, what will work from years past, etc. Oh, and did I mention this will be our first White Christmas in this house? That's right - walls, millwork, ceilings - everything is all finally WHITE! We still have a few rooms with the oppressive dark walls and tan trim that were here when we moved in, and it's no denying we simply never want to spend time in those spaces. One of them is the office, and now that we replaced the husband's desktop computer with a new Surface, there is literally nothing tethering us to that room... so we are working in all other (white) rooms of the house instead. I have always believed so strongly that our environment (colors, decor, "stuff") can have such a massive impact on our overall state of being, and this just reinforces that.

But on to the holiday goodies! These are the things that have caught my eye so far, and I wanted to share, since all of them would fit into a Modern Cotttage quite nicely. Above is a 9-piece "Tree Farm" from Terrain. They are a mere 4" tall and I love the idea of a grouping of uniform trees as well as the chartreuse-y color. They also had me straight away just with the packaging.

This little cloud ornament is impossibly sweet - so simple and pure. I love the stamped letters. Ordered one of these for the little guy. It's just that great.

This artwork from Etsy has a great vintage feel. It would be pretty and modern in an oversized frame with a thick white mat.

An unusual design for these string lights - love the detail. They really feel magical, and kind of modern/vintage at the same time.

I realize we have a little way to go before Christmas, but this year I'm starting early. Even husband is on board, asking over the weekend "Should we take down the bats and put up Christmas lights?" I am a lucky girl :)