Friday, May 25, 2012

Sun faded beauties

We're all about white here at Modern Cottage ... particularly with flowers. But one of our three prized peonies starts out blooming almost hot pink. I chose it because I wanted an orangey color to contrast the the two white varieties (and didn't realize it would be quite so pink at first). The flowers don't actually go from pink to orange until they are almost ready to fall off the stem. However, I have to say I think these peonies look their best when they're at maximum "bloomage" :) They look relaxed and sun-faded, like they've enjoyed the perfect summer: lazy days at the beach, bare feet in the grass, savory al fresco dinners off the grill... (if flowers could enjoy these things, that is). It's  not really possible of course - A, they're flowers, and B, we've only had a couple days of summery weather so far. But maybe it's the promise they hold for a summer like this to come. I know, I know, I am a bit obsessed with the peonies. I don't talk to them or anything. But they really do make me happy! Plus there's just something extra pleasing about bringing fresh flowers from your own garden indoors to enjoy.

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