Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Modern (Farmhouse) Cottage

 From the front...

And from the back.

And, we wait.... for the City to issue our permits. The husband sketched elevations and floor plans and our drafter turned them into permit-ready and build-ready plans. A beautiful thing! Working with the constraints of the narrow lot while retaining the existing structure wasn't an easy feat, but we are way excited about the end result. Looking forward to getting started on this next project!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Oxo Tot

We are big fans of Oxo Tot, Oxo's line dedicated to little ones as they learn to use utensils and bowls and what not. Their product line is not cutesy or over-embellished; rather it's modern and sleek, while still feeling playful and fun. We have all of these items, except for the booster (I just think it's so well designed, and have a feeling we'll be ordering it in soon enough). The Oxo Tot product line definitely stands out among all the other brands from an aesthetic perspective, and I love to give praise to the companies that "get" the appeal of style and simplicity in product design for kids' stuff. Well done!