Monday, October 4, 2010

Flower magic

Fresh flowers can be so transformative. We enjoyed them quite often at our old house (bunches of white tulips, mostly) yet I think because we've got so many design tweaks still on our list at our new house, we haven't arrived at the point where we're consciously thinking of those finishing touches. We bought these leafy beauties for use in a photo shoot and (bonus!) brought them home afterwards. Most of the stems went in a pitcher in the kitchen and I cut one short for this little bud vase on the coffee table. It really struck us how much they lifted our moods and their (very Modern Cottage) greenish-white flowers made the kitchen and living room feel quite homey and much more "us" than we thought it could pre-redesign. Flower magic, I say! I highly recommend treating yourself to some fresh flowers for a little boost.

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