Monday, September 26, 2011

Welcome, baby.

Things have been a bit busier than usual this month, hence why we haven't posted in a bit. Our latest "project" has been taking up a lot of our time: We welcomed a little one earlier this month and he is just too cute for words. We've been taking some time off to simply stare at him adoringly and of course try and figure out how in the heck we will find time in life to do anything else besides feed, change, and cuddle him! But, we are hopeful that eventually we'll adapt and be able to balance baby-raising and design :) Speaking of which..... over the course of the pregnancy, I couldn't sit still until I had the nursery design all hammered out. In the process, we came across some really amazing finds, some of which we used, some we didn't... but we'll share all of them nonetheless as they are really fantastic. We'll also share the design of our Modern Cottage nursery in time... we think you'll love it.

(Organic cotton baby rattle found here).