Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Siding in progress

We're loving the way the siding looks, particularly with these windows - we omitted exterior window trim for a more modern look, and also because the window frames themselves are a bit wider than most. Since a few windows arrived damaged from shipping, siding was put on hold, but it will finally start up again next week and we can't wait! It will definitely be dramatic to see the front of the house clad in new siding. The combo of smooth beveled and board and batten is just right for this Modern Farmhouse.

Meanwhile, in order to continue the original old-growth fir flooring into the addition, we salvaged several hundred feet of nearly identical old-growth fir floor boards from another nearby property (slated for demolition where a new custom home will be built) as well as from Second Use. Both were perfect matches. Joel, our longtime hardwood guy, says it's ideal not to mix new fir with old-growth fir since it will take the stain/finish differently.
Drywall is now complete and today interior doors are being hung. Later this week: cabinets and trim. Still a lot to do though this is definitely the most gratifying stage. I will relish the moment the master bedroom light fixture is installed, for example :)