Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Lamp hunt

We recently reconfigured our home office. There is only so much Cat in the Hat I can take when Little Guy decides to watch his one show per day - it is a rare moment (about 30 minutes to be exact) when he sits still, and a quiet, nearby place to relax has been a bit elusive. So - we swapped one of the desks in our office for a loveseat. I don't know why we didn't do it sooner. The space is so much more cozy and welcoming. Ever since Husband got his Surface, he works anywhere BUT at a desk - kitchen island, couch, etc. The thing is so brilliantly portable. The table lamp we've used for the past decade (!) is feeling a bit formal and blocks too much window in its new location. So, the hunt is on for a new one. Not aggressively I should say - I strongly feel that the perfect piece often finds you so we will be patient. However I did a quick scouring and came up with these. The first one (my current fave) is called Rex, from Crate & Barrel.
This one is great, but pricey. And, doesn't ship to the US. Two strikes. 

Sometimes you can find great stuff in the teen section - like this Darby task lamp from RH Teen.
Another from RH Teen, the Putnam in cream. Stocky fellow.

From West Elem, the Scoop is delicate and not visually obtrusive.
And this one, sadly also from England. Oh, and sold out. Love the design, though.