Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Yellow fixation

I don't know what's come over me but I've recently become fixated on yellow. Not pale, subtle yellow - bold, golden yellow. The husband is not sure what to make of it. He is giving me concerned looks. Have you ever felt more cheerful when you wear yellow? I think it's a real thing. So maybe it's stemming from that... a desire for sunshine and all-around good cheer. I think it can make a great pop of bold color in an otherwise clean and simple Modern Cottage. I'm not talking walls of it. Just a few hits. Like these pendant lights from West Elm. Hello! Such a steal on sale. I feel dangerously like stockpiling them for future projects. Speaking of hello ... this hello sign is exceptionally cheery as well.

On Saturday I came across a Winston Churchill quote ... to me it's a great sentiment to live in the moment and appreciate and enjoy what is happening in our lives now. So I (cheerfully) printed it out in sunshine yellow. Then I framed it. I'm not making this up. Here's the proof:
I'm planning to create a fun art grouping in our office and thought he could join in. Ah, but I didn't stop there. Nope, I also picked a can of golden-yellow spray paint. I figured if I could get a little hit of yellow I could work my way out of  Anxious Design Mode (that's when one's brain works overtime designing and re-designing in one's head, with inspiration and ideas jostling around willy-nilly in mass chaos). I have some ideas about where I might use it (husband is worried) and when I figure that out I'll report back. Who knows, it may be a fleeting fixation... but a $5 can of spray paint never hurt anyone. Here's hoping your week is filled with sunshine, too!

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