Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

At last...(those little things)

We finally took care of a little detail item on our list that has always bothered us and we are SO glad because it looks great! Doesn't hurt when there's extra motivation (our painter starts prepping Monday for new exterior stain and new trim paint!). So, in addition to adding a few small missing trim pieces at the edge of the soffits around the first level, our awesome carpenter Tim took care of some very unfinished-looking, way too big drain openings at the upper deck (meanwhile the little guy supervised with great interest in his noisy saw...)
Here is what they looked like before:
We've  been in the house long enough - and through enough crazy rain and snow storms - to know the upper deck doesn't get that much water draining off, and Tim still left plenty of room, just made the openings much, much smaller. He simply replaced that entire board, and come next week, it will get fresh stain along with the rest of the house!

Next on the list: new front door hardware (be gone ornate bronze handleset!!) :)