Monday, September 27, 2010

Martha + Home Depot

Like her or not, the woman's a genius. I personally admire her for the incredible brand she's developed and have adored her style and product line for years. Her latest endeavor is a comprehensive kitchen line at Home Depot - cabinets, hardware, counters. Quite brilliant, really. We even love this bin pull, and we are very particular about our bin pulls. Now, at the beginning of a project, we assemble our own distinct vision- I'll cook things up in my mind's eye- and then search tirelessly for the pieces to bring our vision to life -- whether they exist or not. Martha's line, however, I think will be especially great for those who aren't so visual or design oriented, but know what they like and want a cohesive look.  By the way, did you ever see the homes and interiors she designs with KB Home? Really beautiful and thoughtful.

(Photos from Home Depot)

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