Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor (Day) of love

We picked up these beautiful, minimalist frames on sale at Pottery Barn nearly a year ago with the intention to create a simple and classic photo wall. I am happy to report that as of this Labor Day, we finally created our wall! Apart from taking the time to carefully choose and quality-process some of our best-loved photos, it really wasn't too difficult, thanks to the use of a leftover roll of painter's paper... we cut pieces of paper to the sizes of each of the frames then taped them up on the wall to determine our ideal placement and spacing. Once that was set, the ooks went in, paper guides came down, and up went the frames! We chose to create a smaller grouping with predominately "caught-up-in-the-moment" photos (i.e. life is happening and a camera just happened to capture it) using the same style frames in two different colors. The result is fresh, modern, and makes us smile each time we pass by.

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