Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bin pull fixation

Bin pulls have had a special place in my heart since I was a little girl. In our old, old house growing up we had these cool built-in wooden bins (literally) that pulled open below the counter top in the large pantry, complete with honest-to-goodness bin pulls. As I recall, we stored the good stuff in there: Fruit Loops, Trix, Rice Krispies. So while we're always on the hunt for a really perfect bin pull, we have our tried and true styles at the ready. From the top, Restoration Hardware's Gilmore pull, quite thick and heavy and available in several finishes. Next, a classic shape in a more delicate, thin metal - available off and on at Pottery Barn (this is probably what they looked like in the old house, once you got through all the layers of white paint!). And more recently I found myself drawn to the the third one, RH's Duluth pull. It's a nice twist on the classic bin pull - a bit more squared and modern, and a lot more interesting. As we start our next project, I can guarantee the Duluth will get some serious consideration.

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