Monday, September 20, 2010

Organic experiment

As the other half to Modern Cottage, my husband doesn't get quite as excited as I do about things like cute calendars or laundry hampers (although he does appreciate their Modern Cottage sensibility). So, we are dedicating this post to a topic that he has been very excited about: The exquisite lushness of our entire landscape as a result of using organic fertilizer! It was an experiment for us - new house, brand new yard, why not? I will say it took some patience... there were a couple of times he was ready to go back to his non-organic regimen. However, time passed and the little organic food chain/ecosystem got stronger and stronger :) He's found we don't have to water as much, either. We owe it to a product made by Hendrikus Organics, a local company. Have you had similar results going organic?


  1. Wow, beautiful lawn. I should try that organic fertilizer. My lawn is hideous and needs major help.

  2. You should check it out :) It's so interesting how it works.