Friday, September 10, 2010

Laundry list

Call me crazy, but I've become a bit obsessed with laundry hampers recently. Boring subject you might think and I can't really argue, except I just feel there is no reason a laundry hamper can't be stylish and beautiful, in addition to being functional. As the laundry (inevitably) got piled up on the bathroom floor these past weeks, my motivation increased and I became more and more determined to find that something beautiful does indeed exist... enter the wire laundry "hamper" from Pottery Barn. At $89 it is quite pricey for simply holding dirty laundry. But it is so beautiful... Our closet is one of  my favorites places, and why shouldn't it be just as cheerful and thoughtfully decorated as any other room in the house? My functional criteria were as follows: roomy enough to hold one full laundry load; easily removable remove liner bag to take to laundry room; narrow enough that I could fit three in a row along one wall of the closet. The PB one makes the grade on all counts. Now if only it would go on sale...


  1. Oooh I love it. I only need one but I'd better wait for a sale too.

  2. Call me crazy too but I think about our hamper every day! We got it at World Market it needs to be replaced desperately. There are no WM's close by so getting there's a chore. It has two sides (for lights/darks) which I love, but it's a wrapped basket weave and the cat has done a number on it. I swear the next time she jumps on it she's gonna fall through like Baby Jessica down the well.

  3. So nice to know there are a few of us then!