Monday, March 7, 2011

All settled in

Our recent excursion to the antique gallery resulted in two blissful finds... One is this old wire in/out box which is both functional and delightful. I swooned over a similar one at another vintage shop over a year ago, but it had a dreaded "sold" tag on it. Doesn't it look charming and purposeful managing our paper clutter?

We also couldn't resist this cool metal sign (we both have an affinity for the #12, so fitting) which we've hung as-is in our dining space. I think it looks great now, which means it will look especially phenomenal when we've completed our total Modern Cottage interior redesign! This piece would also look fabulous matted and framed, though we really love it in it's raw form. Fun fact: the surface is very reflective so at night when only a couple of lights are on, it literally glows. So cool!

Our editing process boils down to a couple of simple questions: Is it something that we have an immediate, specific use for (functional)? Or is it something that is so unique/one-of-a-kind/perfectly Modern Cottage that if we left it behind we'd keep thinking about in the days and weeks to come (at which point it would probably get snapped up as things move quickly at this gallery)? Each of these finds passed our editing test...and have made themselves right at home.

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