Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good vintage

If we don't get out hunting for vintage treasures for long periods of time, I start to feel a bit of withdrawal... this was the case over the last week or so. So on Monday, President's Day, we took the first half of the day off to visit one of our favorite antique galleries in Seattle. We hadn't been in several months, and honestly the last time we were there, nothing grabbed our attention which was strange and disappointing. This trip however, there were probably 50 pieces that called out to us as we strolled the aisles. Alas, only two came home with us (thanks to our Modern Cottage mantra- Always Be Editing :) Anyhoo, thought you'd like to see some of the items that wooed us.

First up is a lovely graphic sign, black with a slight yellow-y twinge which makes it irresistible! And below, a nice wide-mouth Canadian jar with a glass-top lid.

 How sweet is this old alarm clock from France? It still works!
 OK, so this isn't really something we'd consider buying, but it did amuse the husband :)
 A collection of perfectly-imperfect little French sap buckets...
 We adore the unusual shape of these metal letters.
 There were two of these French florist's zincs ... oh, the possibilities! The dealer suggested converting them to sconces which would be amazing.
Love the twisty metal detail on the corners of this wire in/out basket.
These lamps! Oh, how I wanted to bring them home... but the price for the pair was quite steep.
This little metal stool in white boasted good form and function (it's adjustable!).
Overall it was a successful journey! Definitely enough to satisfy my treasure hunting impulses ... at least for the time being :) We'll reveal which pieces made the cut in a future post!


  1. Very nice things. Makes me want to go shopping now. Hmmm...let's see, I would pick the sign and the stool.