Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A thing of beauty

Behold the Breville countertop convection oven. Or, as we more simply refer to it, a star of a toaster oven. Our old Krups model purchased from Crate & Barrel nearly ten years ago had finally reached its demise. That's not to say it stopped working, rather it just smelled horrific when turned on in its final days... even after a thorough cleaning. And the door was constantly falling open willy nilly onto the countertop. After many, many resuscitations, we decided: It. was. time. to. go. So, we retired it to the back porch (temporarily) where it has been enjoying some fresh air and the occasional rain. We thought we could get by for a while without it... at times using a George Forman for toasted sandwiches and such (which essentially became paninis). We even pondered getting a cheapo toaster to get us by until we decided what model to replace the Krups with. However, as luck would have it, we happened by a Williams Sonoma the other day whilst out running an errand. That was it; it was love at first sight. I had heard and read wonderful things about the oven, and when we saw it in person, we were enamoured... a reaction almost akin to that feeling of love when you look at a piece of equipment or machinery that is truly beautiful... like your first bike... or your first car. I know it probably seems I am exaggerating, but this oven is quite magnificent.
So far, it has expediently and confidently whipped up perfectly crisped toast and  reheated pizza, but I know it will soon take on many more responsibilities (toasted sandwiches and grinders, I've missed you!). Plus, since it truly is a stand alone oven (and can accomodate a 13" pizza pan - which by the way comes with it) it will be great around holiday time for pies and side dishes and what not. And with it's commercial look, it plays perfectly with our existing suite of stainless appliances. Welcome, Breville oven, to our Modern Cottage!

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