Thursday, March 10, 2011

Is that you, Urban?

If you've ever been to an Urban Outfitters store, you may have noticed their colorful home section, with all kinds of...well, interesting items. Suffice it to say, many of these products are aimed at a decidely younger market - they even call the category on their website "apartment". So imagine my surprise (and total delight!) when I browsed through their online furniture section and found the most wonderful pieces for quite affordable prices. It all started from my half-hearted flip through their latest catalog while I simultaneously watched a DVR'd Chuck the other night (don't make fun...I like it, ok?). A chair caught my eye. And then a metal shelving unit. Next thing I knew, I was purusing their entire furniture category and just look at all these fabulous pieces! Definitely a great resource for some mod seating options as well as industrial-style accent pieces. UO, I am impressed!
Cool, metal shelving unit - so versatile.
I really, really love this chair. I think it's the cool shape + orange + stripes that got me.
Decorative letters have become quite commonplace, but this one is truly unique (and only $10!).
Great simple lines on this nubby upholstured bench ... with storage! Love.
Love love love.
I'm not sure about the whole pouf thing, but as far as poufs go, I do like the raw, uber-textural nature of this one.

You can view these items and more here. Have fun!

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