Monday, November 3, 2014

Early holiday picks

I can't seem to get thoughts of this year's Christmas decorating out of my head (since September!) but it is nice to get a jump start when those certain swoon-worthy holiday items are still in stock -- and also in order to have an overall plan so you are fully aware of what you have a place for, what fits in, what will work from years past, etc. Oh, and did I mention this will be our first White Christmas in this house? That's right - walls, millwork, ceilings - everything is all finally WHITE! We still have a few rooms with the oppressive dark walls and tan trim that were here when we moved in, and it's no denying we simply never want to spend time in those spaces. One of them is the office, and now that we replaced the husband's desktop computer with a new Surface, there is literally nothing tethering us to that room... so we are working in all other (white) rooms of the house instead. I have always believed so strongly that our environment (colors, decor, "stuff") can have such a massive impact on our overall state of being, and this just reinforces that.

But on to the holiday goodies! These are the things that have caught my eye so far, and I wanted to share, since all of them would fit into a Modern Cotttage quite nicely. Above is a 9-piece "Tree Farm" from Terrain. They are a mere 4" tall and I love the idea of a grouping of uniform trees as well as the chartreuse-y color. They also had me straight away just with the packaging.

This little cloud ornament is impossibly sweet - so simple and pure. I love the stamped letters. Ordered one of these for the little guy. It's just that great.

This artwork from Etsy has a great vintage feel. It would be pretty and modern in an oversized frame with a thick white mat.

An unusual design for these string lights - love the detail. They really feel magical, and kind of modern/vintage at the same time.

I realize we have a little way to go before Christmas, but this year I'm starting early. Even husband is on board, asking over the weekend "Should we take down the bats and put up Christmas lights?" I am a lucky girl :)

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