Friday, October 17, 2014

Welcome, little green friend

When the little guy accidentally (we'll pretend) knocked over our plant a couple months ago, it was never the same. Dirt spilled all over the carpet and it seems our poor plant was traumatized, even after we tried to put it all back together. It had actually lasted quite a long time, and loved its sunny spot in the upstairs hallway. Really a poor parental decision I suppose to have left it precariously on a low bench in our bedroom but we'd had to move it out of the way for the painters. In any event, we found a lovely new plant - a variety I've never seen before - which has very cool tones of light and medium green, and delicate yet modern shaped leaves (fancy plant name: polypodium aureum). Now, we just have to plant him!

Oh, and you might notice the white subway tile and carrara - YES we finally gave that temporary chalkboard backsplash and black hole of a counter top (it was Uba Tuba granite if you are familiar) the boot! We hope to have some before and afters posted soon :)

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