Monday, January 28, 2013

Vintage apron art

A big part of Modern Cottage design is that subtle nod to the past - using vintage items in a modern way to add character, personality and a little sense of history. We love incorporating vintage pieces into our decor in creative ways. We've used old crates as wall art, transformed a weathered wood A-board sign into mirrors for two bathrooms, and most recently framed a delightful vintage lumber yard apron - a bit yellowed with age and slightly out of square - in a clean, white frame. The ties were tucked neatly behind the mat so the apron would remain intact. We especially liked the lettering and details on this apron, which we found at Daily Memorandum on Etsy. We put this piece together as a gift for a client, but really, really wished we had one to keep, too. I guess that's a sign of a great gift!

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