Monday, June 14, 2010

Adding vintage flavor to your Modern Cottage

The Modern Cottage shows a joyous appreciation for all things vintage cottage – they’re simply reinterpreted in a modern way. Of course, vintage finds and antiques must be used sparingly, lest you diminish the ‘modern’ aspect of your cottage. However, when thoughtfully mixed with newer pieces, the combination will express just the right balance of Modern + Cottage. Above, an incredible pair of French metal chairs; An old bulb crate weathered to a silvery grey, transformed into wall art - a display ledge of sorts - accented by a jubilant starfish; A fabulous antique industrial-style lamp, re-wired to glow beautifully. It’s all about finding pieces that add beauty and a sense of history –a respect for original design - to your Modern Cottage. And when you find an amazing piece that’s both beautiful and functional? Pure Modern Cottage bliss :)

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