Monday, January 31, 2011

Doggie dishes

A key element of Modern Cottage design is combining function and beauty...even when it comes to things like laundry hampers. Or dog dishes. Scout has eaten out of elevated stainless bowls since he was about a year old, as seen in the background here:

The stainless bowls have held up great, but the stand has unfortunately rusted a bit...watered-down slobber is an elusive adversary (and nooks and crannies + hungry dog just aren't a good combo). So we set about to identify some stylish alternatives...starting with these glossy white "Hi Rise" bowls ... kind of interesting, do you agree?

This next one also features removable stainless bowls (critical criterion for ease in heavy-duty scrubbing). Love that they show the scale with three charming (if a bit confused-looking) pups.

And this one is for the super-cool mod dog... The stand's plastic so should clean up nicely.

You may notice we've chosen styles that are a bit more about function and clean lines than those that go towards the decorative or novel side . That's because big dogs tend to be messy. And caked on drool-slash-slobber can be hard to scrub off. So while we love the lead-in image - full of coastal cottage goodness - we do worry how they'd look after a few meals.  No matter; it seems that although they were once available on Orvis, they aren't anymore. But if you must know, you can find similar ones on Etsy here and here :)

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