Thursday, January 27, 2011

Etsy addiction

I can't seem to keep away from Etsy. There's just too much great stuff! It used to be that we'd happily venture out to a huge local arts and crafts fair held over three days each summer, and on the occasion we missed it because we were out of town, I'd feel a twinge of disappointment. but with Etsy, the "fair" goes year round, 24 hours a day! Plus I can search through all the various types of wares with the click of a mouse which is so much more efficient than walking for miles past booth after booth. I'll still go to the local fair, but until then, I just can't resist checking out fabulous one of a kind creations anytime the mood strikes.

At the moment, I'm really enamoured with this photography by Irene Suchocki. Her prints have a hint of whimsy and magic built into them which make them almost mesmerizing.

These pillows made from old trench coats are hilarious. And actually quite masculine/utilitarian for a pillow, which makes them totally unique and unexpected.

I am also in love with this teeny tiny woolly penguin. Sweetest! This one is my fave but sadly it sold mere seconds after I discovered it (Although, what would I do with a teeny tiny woolly penguin?). Still, it's remained safely in my 'Favorites' ever since. Not to worry, there are lots of other little friends in this shop who are also very sweet. (The mafia penguin family for one makes me smile).

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