Thursday, September 18, 2014

Paper store

Oh my goodness, IKEA's new assortment of paper products is adorable, and the prices fantastic, of course. In particular I am loving these basic the simple stripey notepad, above.

And I am always looking for classic card sets useful for any occasion. These ones have stripes and pin dots.

Then there are those times you just want to write your lists down, on paper. At least for list-lovers like me. Crossing things off is much more satisfying.

This one is sized nicely for your bag or car and comes complete with a stretchy band to keep things tidy. Any of these would make a thoughtful gift when paired with my favorite pens from Poppin.

I can't help but include one of the more playful designs. These are great to have on hand for kids' birthday parties. Like I said: adorable.
All go on the list for the next IKEA trip.

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