Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Oregon Coast

It was a busy summer and we realized late we didn't have much time left to get out and do something - "vacation" I think is the term :) So an impromptu trip along the Oregon Coast was our answer. It was beautiful - sunny and crisp, not too hot. Great seafood, quaint fishing towns, and lots and lots of ice cream (little guy is a bit obsessed).

We even made it to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, which was seriously one of the coolest and most kid-friendly aquariums I've been to. 

Manzanita was a fun stop with the most delicious locally-made Tillamook ice cream chock full of fresh strawberries. Always a bonus to find a combination espresso-slash-ice cream cafe and they had a great one here. The beach was absolutely gorgeous and we admired many shingled, coastal homes.

It's been a beautiful summer, and while we are not looking forward to the onset of grey skies and perpetual drizzle, we are looking forward to fall time, our favorite season. The transition of summer to fall in the Pacific Northwest is positively magical.

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