Monday, February 11, 2013


We expected a bit of a wait for the chance to get our hands on some original Casalino kids chairs (since the recently released reproductions are not sold in the US and to ship them here would cost more than the chairs). However we are super excited to report we just nabbed a set on Ebay at $25 a pop and they are in near-flawless vintage condition compared to others I'd looked at that sadly were totally thrashed. Major score! 

The little guy is way excited to have his own chairs though he occasionally needs a bit of help getting in them - and then gleefully propels himself off to (most of the time) a "stuck" landing. Good thing it's not a huge drop. 

Of course white was the only acceptable color and these are just perfect. I really didn't want to add any more 'legs' to the space - they are currently living in our great room, which already houses our dining table, leggy chairs, and leggy bar stools - and these rounded, organic-feeling 70's era chairs (1973 according to the stamp - older than we are!) are the perfect balance in shape and style, adding a good dose of modern without being over the top. 

Husband is super thrilled too, and he was doubting me when I first became fixated on considered them. I got high praise the minute he saw them set up. We're also glad we ultimately went with the Casalino 0 (toddler size) vs the Casalino I (kids size) size which would have been a couple inches taller. The smaller ones are just cuter and even I can sit in them so I know they'll last him a long time. We've had a bit of an obsession with cool old chairs for well over a decade now so it's always fun to score something great for our 'collection'. Even better however when they are so delightfully functional! 

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