Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Air plants

I am so fascinated by air plants. We saw some at our favorite garden shop the other day and I bombarded a  very patient sales person with questions (I couldn't help myself). Do they really not need water? How do you care for them? How long do they "last"? Do they grow? Where did these come from anyway? So here's the scoop. Yes, they do need water, but only in the form of a 20-30 minute soak in water (submerged) every couple weeks. Then you drain them (upside down to prevent rot) for another 20-30 minutes and back they go into their containers or trays or what have you, happy as clams. They "last" the same as any other plant, I suppose as long as they get proper care. They do grow! And some even flower. They are not new, though it seems that way. Apparently they were popular in the 70s (Aha!) and making a bit of a resurgence. I keep thinking about them.. so lovely for decorating. Living greens that are modern, and low maintenance... Perfect for a Modern Cottage!

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