Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pretty storage

I get really excited about all things organization. Especially when they're beautiful. Like these new items from Pottery Barn. Sure you can get a shoe rack at IKEA for les than fifteen dollars, but just look at this gorgeous one! In our case, it makes no sense to splurge, since it'd be concealed in our hallway closet. But still. It would make me so much happier knowing it's lovely and pretty behind that door. Is this wierd? I think I have a thing about quality. I like the idea of investing in something that's timeless and well-made, taking care of it, and having it around for the long term. Highly functional things like this make the concept even more appealing. The open shelf and wall-mount bins are lovely, too. Great for a mudroom, which we happen to have... :)

Now, about the wooden storage case on casters... When I first saw this, my jaw dropped open. More than a month ago I was trying to envision the perfect small-scale book case for a little corner of the nursery  and decided something in a weathered wood would be perfect - both to add a little texture and softness and to tie in with the wooden-framed mirror we have above the armoire. I scoured the internet and Etsy thinking surely someone would have a little reclaimed wood shop with a simple two-shelf bookcase made of old fence boards or wooden crates - but nothing quite matched what I was picturing (or really came close for that matter). So, I tabled my search. Then low and behold a few days ago I come across this guy. Exactly what I had cooked up in my head, minus the casters and the mesh back, but I like those just the same.

I want to scoop all of them up!

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