Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oh, what a little paint can do

Seeing the blur of our painting crew working away behind sheets of plastic last summer was so thrilling. Really. Because though we recognize just how transformative paint can be, it's still one of the most exciting 'reveal' moments in a renovation or construction project. Watching them peel away the tape, masking, and plastic is to us like unwrapping a giant present- which is essentially our design vision coming to life. So, we thought we'd share a few pics of their progress in the nursery back before baby arrived.

Also, here's a look at a before shot with the dismal beige trim (for some reason it appeared especially dismal in the nursery... maybe because this room gets such fantastic natural light). The crazy thing is how much the existing wall color transformed against the new white paint - it took on a much cooler muddy-grey tone that we love. Oh, and the ceilings went white as well. Huge impact. I really wanted the nursery to be a fresh, happy, Modern Cottage space. And this did the trick!

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