Monday, April 4, 2011

Fun with paper

Saw this done recently (with humans :) and decided the other day what a delight it would be to honor Scout this way - a dog silhouette! It was ridiculously simple. I already had the frame, so we just ventured to the craft store to pick out some colorful card stock papers. Of course Scout had to pose in profile (he is quite good in front of the camera, has been since he was a pup), his reward being a couple of peeled baby carrots. Then I cropped and sized the photo appropriately for the 8x10 opening of the frame and printed it out:

Next we chose the's so inexpensive, we brought home a few options knowing we'd find a use for what was left soon enough.

Then we simply (and haphazardly - I was anxious to get to the end result) taped the two together and I cut out along Scout's profile.  I taped the left edge and bottom edge flush so I only had to cut the other two sides.

I then mounted the resulting paper cut out onto a piece of white cardstock to fill up the rest of the 8x10 opening. And voila! Cutest profile ever. And it really does look just like him, from the tiny bump on his head to the nose. Talk about instant gratification!


  1. This is so cool. I have to try this with my two dogs.

  2. Oh, they'd be so darling in a pair!

  3. I made this yesterday, and I could not be more happy with the way it came out!

    I posted about it on my blog. I also tried to make one of my cat, and it's something about the pointy cat ears makes it not look as nice as the dog's silhouette. And it worked out great, I already had a matte, a frame, and cardstock on hand. I'm probably going to give it to my father as a gift. My mom loved it too!