Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weathered wood

Weathered wood is one of the great components of Modern Cottage design - ideally weathered to a soft silvery grey or even a greyish brown, it adds warmth and texture as well as a rustic flavor which really honors the cottage aesthetic and casual/comfortable style that goes along with it. Weathered wood furniture and accents pieces can often be found inexpensively at antique shops. Sometimes it is an unusual piece and half the fun is cooking up a creative way to repurpose it for modern living! The key to incorporating this material into a Modern Cottage space is to go for pieces that are clean-lined and very simple in their shape and construction. Above, a versatile bench-slash-coffee table and and an old bulb crate we used as wall art. Below, a pair of rickety old folding chairs (major score by the husband more than ten years ago); a bin to catch desktop items; our fabulous driftwood sphere.


P.S. the wooden bin was a score from the holiday clearance section of World Market a few years ago - though we had to look past the terrible sparkly pinecones and plastic greenery that were stapled to the front. Once we determined they would be easy to remove with the help of some pliers, we took it home (and promptly back to it's pure and simple state :)

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