Friday, November 26, 2010

Vintage ornaments

We at Modern Cottage adore vintage ornaments, especially those striking and unusual color palettes that just don't seem to exist anymore ... plus the way the finish changes over the years makes them quite beautiful, as well as interesting. Our collection contains mostly blues and greens, although we've seen some really lovely yellows and pinks, too. I love how the tops are missing on these little blueish-silver ones, above. It makes me love them even more!

These soft green ones were a welcome find last year. I really love the lemony-green glow.

We generally like to group by color for a fresh and modern display (and in this case, we could not resist adding the lone stripey one, which makes it a bit more playful).

In some instances, where the ornaments are uniform in size and finish, they look quite festive with a pop or two of the unexpected! The antique metal mold makes a for fun pairing.

We love vintage ornaments simply nestled in a pretty bowl or unusual vintage container, but there are limitless ways to use them ... for instance, you could string them into a garland or wreath, scatter them along a table runner among tea lights, hang them individually from clear wire or ribbon overhead a table, or (novel idea :) put them on your tree!

Happy vintage ornament shopping.

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