Friday, October 8, 2010

This little piggy

I have an affinity for pigs. I'm not exactly sure why, although it may have come about a few years back when I rediscovered the shiny metal piggy bank from my youth (it now sits contentedly in our office). As with most things Modern Cottage, I prefer the simple and unadorned variety ... that goes for white ceramics, too (yet another minor obsession). So it was with great joy that I happened upon these magnificent ceramic pigs from Etsy artist Fruit Fly Pie. The planter-style is in our kitchen, and I've been trying to rustle up a reason why I also must have the piggy bank version. They are made from vintage 60's molds. Don't they look it? I love everything about them, especially the ears.


  1. Too adorable. I checked out Fruit Fly Pie and "Oh my gosh"...they have OWLS too! A perfect birthday gift for me.

  2. Yes, the owls are pretty great, too. Happy birthday to you ;)