Sunday, September 8, 2013

Floor love

Things are coming together nicely on our Modern Farmhouse renovation/addition, including the floors which turned out beautifully! A nice good sand took out all that natural orange tone of the fir and we promptly stained it a warm, rich dark brown. 

We tested a few custom stain combinations and this is where we ended up - not too light, not too dark. We were overjoyed watching it go on. Love the grain of the wood coming through the dark stain. Many people like fir in its natural state, but I think it is phenomenal stained dark. One guy applied it while the other followed him up to ensure even distribution. 
 So pretty, no??
We are so in love with these floors. Old-growth fir (and fir in general) is so seldom used these days, it really lends a massive dose of character and interest since the grain is so uncommon.


  1. what stain combinatino did you use? I just stained my fir floors and they turned out bright red/orange. I wanted more your tone-- could you tell me the exact brand/combination of stains?

  2. Hi, I am not certain of the brand, but the winning formula consisted of 4 parts coffee brown, 1 part ebony, and 1/2 part clear. Hopefully this helps at least with the ratios (think dark brown, black, clear) ... and do some experimenting! The little bit of clear definitely lightened it up a touch without affecting the rich brown color. We put down probably six test patches of variations of the ratios of these colors before we made our final call. Good luck!