Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Moss art

My jaw dropped open when I saw these in the latest Viva Terra catalog. Well, first I thought, "Oh, wow, they're selling versions of the little craft project husband and I did a few years ago... how funny!" And then I saw what they were charging... $200-500?! That's when my jaw dropped open. I couldn't wait to tell the husband their price for reindeer moss and hot glue (well, that's what we used) in a frame (we used a canvas ... but you could so easily use a frame and remove the glass!). Anyway... if you like the look, I highly encourage you to make your own, it only took us about ten minutes.

Here's our version as seen in some earlier posts:

First, as a little chartreuse pop above the guest bed in our last house.

And now as a hit of green at my workspace in our current house.

We do have a thing for green, but like to avoid anything faux as much as possible... this is why we really love the reindeer moss - real + zero watering is a good thing. And our piece cost less than $30 :)

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  1. Love these! What goes under the moss in the frame?