Monday, July 16, 2012

Country Modern

We thought we'd share the photos we recently used to to add a little country flavor to the styling of an ultra modern home. My favorite is this one of the motel just off the highway, riverfront. Yes, I made the husband stop the car so I could take a picture when I spotted it (those "motel" letters are yellow, how could I not?). I also couldn't resist getting a bit of the road sign in there for the graphic punch and to illustrate the "side of the road" location of this motel. Doesn't it look great hanging in this modern space?
And the bull, of course (he had me a bit on edge to be honest. How do you gauge mood on a face like that?).

Gorgeous scenery for miles... plus a great rustic fence.
 And a fabulous old barn. Classic Americana.
A little creative cropping also helped to give these images a fresh, edgy feel (each was cropped into a vertical 8x10 to fit the frames). We love finding beauty in the simple things, and the fact that these locations are near and dear to our hearts make these photos even more meaningful.

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