Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas tree perfection

Every year we set out to find a tree that's nice and tall but not too wide. Unfortunately, they don't seem to exist since generally the taller they are, the wider they are at the base. This year however, we found the exception. Our tree caught my eye from across the tree lot. It was leaning against the trailer with a few of its brethren. I loved it immediately. It had a very quirky, Dr. Seuss vibe. It's about 8 feet tall yet only 38" wide at its widest. Hooray! He's mostly uniform but not quite, and instead of one vertical branch at the very top he has two that stick out a bit sideways like antennae. We dressed him up in some mod white ornaments and frosted white globe lights. We find the larger globe lights give him a fun, playful look and overall feel less busy than the tiny bulb strings. So simple, pretty, and festive!

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