Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Porch post perfection

Our latest project was half-baked when we got started.... much of the remodel had been done (structural, wiring, plumbing) and we came in at drywall ... my favorite stage! That meant all the colors, hard surfaces, fixtures, and hardware were ours to select. We still made a few modifications however, within reason of course to keep the budget in check. First on our list was to say goodbye to the pyramid posts at the front porch. They really rubbed us the wrong way. The proportion felt off and the shape in general was the opposite of Modern Cottage. Framing team to the rescue! The end result: these simple, unadorned rectangular posts that are just the right size and proportion. We heart straight lines :) While we were at it, we wrapped some of the pressure treated beams and added a beadboard soffit. Then we painted it all a crisp white ... for a fabulous Modern Cottage entry.

P.S. Orange stone... you're next!

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