Monday, July 19, 2010

Modern Cottage wedding

The Modern Cottage aesthetic can be revealed in so many unexpected places. For example, we were out walking recently on a beautiful Saturday afternoon when we came up on a historical building in our downtown area. Originally built in 1922, the building has wonderful lines and is wrapped in crisp, white beveled siding. Task-minded bodies were moving about the outdoor patio and grounds in preparation for an evening wedding ceremony. And at the patio, just outside the French doors, two people were hanging giant moss covered letters – the initials of the bride and groom we presumed – which contrasted so simply and beautifully with the classic white structure in the background. As we took in the scene it seemed to hit us at the same time since we turned to each other with wide eyes. I’m not sure which of us said out loud what each of us was thinking: “Modern Cottage wedding!!”. We didn’t stick around to confirm our declaration, but they were certainly off to a great start. Isn’t it a beautiful building? And you can get the fabulous moss letters on (of course!) Etsy.

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